Breakin' security since 2012.


I'm Giuseppe Corti, an independent Security Consultant and Ethical Hacker.
I usually help companies improving security systems and defence mechanism.
Also i like developing offensive security related tools.
Currently i'm OSCP Certified.
Feel free to contact me through the channels listed below, Here you can find my PGP public key.


  • >> Penetration test is an assessment that evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely simulating an hacking scenario.
    The goal is to help identify specific risks which, when addressed, will positively impact on your overall security.

  • >> Red Team Operation aim to challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness by assuming an adversarial role or point of view and simulating a targeted cyber-attack.
    This activity involve organizing and executing a strategic plan that aim to exfiltrate sensitive data or specific assets from the targeted organization. With the purpose of verify preventive, detective, recuperative and resilience capacities of the organization.

  • >> Intrustion detection and prevention solutions are key elements of a good security strategy, but in order to be effective they need to be tested and tuned.
    This service aim to help organizations implement and improve network security solutions.


  • >> punk.py post exploitation 1337 tool

  • >> badKarma network reconnaissance toolkit

  • >> easy_pwn weaponize sailfish os with kali linux